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You remember in high school when your teacher made you read all those boring, inane, asinine and lifeless books? ...But once in a while the teacher picked a good one and it was actually fun and exciting to read. That is exactly what I’ve tried to do. All my books are true, not made up stories. Oftentimes it is said, “Life is stranger than fiction”. Let’s see if I’m right…I believe women don’t just go to the beauty shop to become beautiful, but to “hear the latest”. I think in the old west the guys went to the barbershop and the saloon to hear what was going on. Just think how interesting your life has been. When you read my biography you’ll see mine is pretty interesting too. My friend’s stories are maybe more interesting than mine. We all have a story to tell and it is intriguing and fun to hear what happened to someone else. No one likes to be a gossiper but we all are. We’re constantly telling the mishap or interesting facts about another. Life is gossip! We all listen to the gossip, (even though we say we will not participate).

I have a couple of books out, the last being "The Red Dot Club", it is a chilling journey of officers as they are being shot. As in my first book, "The Organ Grinder's Monkey" they are all true stories. I hope you enjoy.

People always say, “I think outside of the box”. My problem is that I don’t even know one exists. Okay, how about this? Is the glass half empty or half full? …Neither! Doesn’t everyone see that the glass is too big? But it doesn’t matter does it? As long as the glass feels good in your hand and the drink makes you smile and happy! Who says you can’t drink wine out of a shot glass or right from a plastic cup? Ahhh, the little things in life make us so happy.

I think you’ll find my writing straightforward, without religious or political correctness constraints. Enough I say of this George Orwell’s “1984” mind control, where the government has made people criminals for having an opinion.

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Robert Rangel

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