Chapter 1     Robert's Beginning: The Real Deal
Chapter 2     Robert Gets Broken...In(to)
Chapter 3     Steve's Beginning: The Journey Begins
Chapter 4     Let the Rammage Begin
Chapter 5     The Lone Ranger Resurrected
Chapter 6     Lessons Learned
Chapter 7     A Born Survivor
Chapter 8     Let's See What You Got
Chapter 9     Twenty Toes
Chapter 10    My Man in America
Chapter 11    Heavy-Duty Cargo
Chapter 12    The Monkey and the Organ Grinder
Chapter 13    The Monkey Is a Hairy Little Pimp
Chapter 14    So Many Masters, So Little Time
                    (Another London Vacation)
Chapter 15    Who's Who
Chapter 16    The Monkey Exposes Himself in Brunei
Chapter 17    Big Spender
Chapter 18    Almost Killed By Golf Carts
Chapter 19    Working for Idiots
Chapter 20    Women Rule
Chapter 21    The Incredible yet True Theory of the
                     Nearly Invincible Tofu Man!
Chapter 22    The Buzzard and the Monkey
Chapter 23    The Buzzard Is a Freep
Chapter 24    Fairy Tales Are Real
Chapter 25    Love in Another Hotel
Chapter 26    Spies and Lies
Chapter 27    Indestructable
Chapter 28    The Spy at the Wedding
                    (The Test Monkey)
Chapter 29    Parties and More Parties
Chapter 30    The Monkey Gets the Money
Chapter 31    It Just Never Ends: The Monkey Gets Caged (But Escapes)
Chapter 32    Lying to the Lady
Chapter 33    The Monkey Loses Disney and Sleep
Chapter 34    Hanky-Panky Shenanigans
Chapter 35    The Spirit of the Monkey