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The author wishes to thank his father and mother, Robert and Marie, who read through numerous manuscript drafts.

Special thanks to Michael Siegel who read the first one hundred or so pages of the manuscript right after they were written. You told me that you could not help me with the project. Then stating you had nothing to be gained by lying to me, and you were going to be brutally honest, you said you liked it, that the characters were alive and no one else had a style like mine and not to ever stop writing. I'll never forget your words and the encouragement they gave me.

To all of you who read the manuscript I thank you for your time and suggestions. Special thanks to Cynthia Avery and J.J. Williams, I appreciate your special comments and help.

To Karen and Doug Richardson who have not read the manuscript but have inspired me to be brave I thank you. Doug Richardson, may your continued success as an author be great.

To the rest of you who continued to beat the dead horse and made him get up and write again, thanks.

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The website was built by Dillon Rangel with assistance from Nick Backus. Thanks guys, you are both very talented and did a great job.

Dillon and Christy, I love you both.