Real Royal Drama and Scandal of the Richest Family on Earth Exposed in New Book

‘The Organ Grinder's Monkey’ by Robert Rangel with Steve Hui is a poignant and fascinating journey of a man and his memorable experiences with the Royal Family of Brunei

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – (Release Date TBD) – A riveting tale of ambition, trickery and greed, The Organ Grinder's Monkey by Robert Rangel follows the epic saga of Steve Hui who was the Director of Security for the Royal Family of Brunei. However, just when he thinks everything is going to be easy, the cold hard realization of the dangers his job entails entangles him. Events go drastically wrong, and his life is turned upside down when he realizes the trust placed on him by the family is actually a golden noose that has ruined others, and threatens to ruin his life. Those he thought would protect him prove too cowardly, incapable, or unconfident to do so and he finally admits that the only person he can count on is himself.

Excerpt from The Organ Grinder's Monkey:

I’ve traveled all over the world. I’ve stayed in the best hotels and eaten in the best restaurants. But that isn’t me. I’m a simple man. I have simple tastes and I live in a simple house. But people who knew of my past life still want to know . . . what’s it like? What’s it like to work for the richest family on earth?

“Well they have money and they spend it,” I answer them. I tire of the subject. I know once they get a taste of the story, the questions will keep coming.

“No,” they answer. “That’s not what I mean. What’s it like to travel with the royal family? What are they like?

How can I answer that?

What are they like? They are one of the last true monarchies here on earth. They still rule with a word and with a wave of their hand, no different than they did centuries ago. I worked for a true monarchy which could have been taken straight out of the movie "The King and I.”

There is not enough time in a day or even a week to tell them all there is to tell. Yet this story is true. It is no movie nor is it a fairy tale. I lived it.

This book unveils a true account of working for the Royal Family of Brunei. It is a story of an assistant who struggled to fulfill their every outlandish whim. It’s tells of other assistants who battled for positions of favor to quench their insatiable lust for greed and power. This book also exposes how the Royal Family operated, and used their wealth, money and position to buy or influence anyone they wanted.

Greed, power, money, sex, these words play a vital role in how The Organ Grinder's Monkey will unfold. The author believes that these subjects appeal to people, especially since it’s true and exposes the life of a well respected and high-class family.

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